Plant Tycoon Honored with A 2008 Parents' Choice Silver Award- 03/13/2008
  Plant Tycoon is awarded with a Silver Award from the Parents' Choice Foundation!
The Parents' Choice Awards program received many strong entries this season;
Plant Tycoon is among the small percentage selected to receive a Parents' Choice Award.

  Plant Tycoon in Retail - 02/12/2008
  Plant Tycoon is currently available at Best Buy and is expected to be available at other major retailers very soon.      
  Plant Tycoon Honored with iParenting Media Award- 01/30/2008

Plant Tycoon is awarded with an iParenting Media Award for the 2008 Best Products Call!!! Thousands of products were submitted to the 2008 Best Products Call for Entries and all were put through the only internationally certified product evaluation system in the parenting and awards industry. (The iParenting Media Awards program is ISO 9001:2000 certified).
Plant Tycoon was evaluated by three outside reviewers consisting of: a group facility such as a licensed childcare facility/school, an expert and a parent.

Plant Tycoon Blooms on PC- 09/27/2007
After many months, finally Plant Tycoon is available to download and purchase! Check it out!  
Plant Tycoon Image
  Plant Tycoon Video Sneak Peek- 07/27/2007
  Arthur presents a sneak peek of Plant Tycoon during Casuality- 07/17/2007
  Plant Tycoon To Let Budding Botanists Grow a Leafy Enterprise - 07/09/2007
  San Francisco, Calif.—July 9, 2007—Last Day of Work (LDW), an independent game studio specializing in sophisticated casual games for the mainstream player, today announced that the seeds have been sown for Plant Tycoon in PC and Mac varieties. An all-new version of the award-winning handheld game, this virtual gardening simulation game will let players breed and crossbreed plants while they search for six magic plants and build from a simple backyard garden to a lavish nursery empire. [Read More]  
  More Previews of Plant Tycoon- 07/09/2007
  Small Preview of Plant Tycoon for Windows/Mac- 05/01/2007
  Plant Tycoon in development for Windows and Mac- 02/01/2007
  We have officially started full time development of Plant Tycoon for Windows and Mac. We are going to improve and expand the original palm os and ppc.
  Plant Tycoon available for Windows Mobile Pocket PC- 07/30/2004
  SAN FRANCISCO — August 2, 2004 — LDW Software, a top producer of real-time games and simulations for Palm OS devices, has ported its award-winning Plant Tycoon game to the Windows Mobile software for Pocket PCs platform.
  Plant Tycoon wins best simulation game from PDArcade- 02/18/2004
  SAN FRANCISCO — February 18, 2004—Plant Tycoon wins best PDArcade's best simulation Game of 2003 for Palm OS games.  
  LDW releases Plant Tycoon gamefor Palm OS devices- 11/08/2003
SAN FRANCISCO — November 11, 2003— LDW Software, a top producer of real-time games and simulations for Palm OS devices, has released Plant Tycoon game for Palm OS platform.

Plant Tycoon sets players on a journey to create a virtual nursery of wildly diverse plants, cross-pollinating numerous varieties along the way to discovering the genetic codes for four magical plants. To finance the research necessary to pollinate and harvest the four magical plants, players must sell their discoveries along the way to earn the financial resources vital to acquiring special enhancements—such as exotic seeds, soil upgrades, radioactive plant food, and special fertilizers.

Unique among games for mobile devices is the “real-time” nature of growing a virtual plant nursery in Plant Tycoon. Unless a player pauses the game, plants will continue to grow and thrive, or whither and perhaps become bug infested—depending on how often the player monitors and nurtures the plants in the nursery.

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